Indian Project

We are an Alternative brand based in Goa (India).
Our productions are focused on a mix influence from Urban minimal lines to more pumping Trance patterns…

Who we are ?

Cyril, Nadia, Jhenter, Manish, Julia, Ciju
… all the one involved in Indian Project,  you guys travellers, dancers from the trance wisdom, urban dreamers… All of you are making Indian Project story alive !

What we do ?

Clothes designs…
 Mainly Pants (shorts, quarters, sarouels and longs) and mainly for men but we do also some jackets, some tops and teeshirts,  some women designs and few accessories like pocket-belts and bags.

Where we stand ?

Most of the year in Goa (India) where we organise our collections and do our productions.
During the summer we travel around Europe in the psytrance festivals events.

During the summer time, you can find us on tsome of he main psytrance festivals events in Europe like Boom, Ozora, Psy-fi, Modem, Antaris or Hadra…
You will see there our latest Summer Collection and some special productions we only present at this time.

In the winter you can find us in Goa Anjuna (India), either in the differents markets or in our 2 differents shops (see our location on Contact page).
You will get there some differents collections we produce for the freaky goa ppl.

And from our website all year long with some exclusive sales and specials limited productions.